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affordable fence repair service

We provide fence repair services to residential homes in the suburbs of Brisbane. Of course, the fences of your home are often the first things your visitors see. Wooden fences in particular need maintenance to look there best. Whether it be the front or side fences Handyman On Time can perform the annual maintenance for you. Our fence repair service in the western suburbs of Brisbane can keep your fences in top nic.

Our home maintenance services are available for homeowners and renters alike. We can rejuvenate wooden fences, remove and replace fence palings and apply stain. No matter the size of the project, our team will ensure your fence serviceability. Combining the right materials with our extensive knowledge ensures your fence looks great.

Perimeter fences provide a variety of functions. They keep our pets within the house boundary, while providing privacy and security from the road. Having a fence with broken posts, missing palings and lacking stain makes your house appear unkept and less appealing. Our team can fix these issues ensuring your fence functions and looks as first intended. Call our team, we will conduct a site evaluation and carry out any fence repair needed. Call us if you have any concerns with your fences.


Your fences needs maintenance just like any other structure around your house. Unfortunately a lot of home owners use a 'set and forget' thought pattern with there fence. In our experience, timber fences areĀ  quite the opposite. Timber fences will last approximately 15 years when left untreated. With regular effort, they can actually last a lot longer, quite often an extra 5 years is achievable. Whether it be soil receding at the bottom of the fence requiring batons or simply more soil, with our fence maintenance services you can keep your fence in pristine condition. From power washing stained fences to painting and staining, Handyman On Time can do it all.

Fence stability starts with the footings, we will analyse the condition around these for too much movement. The fence posts should be solid and unmoving, if not they will cause a fence to lean over. Fences left leaning over cause other issues with posts, palings and security. Corroded or rotting and warped beams affect the palings and fastenings. Excessive gaps between palings allow troublesome weeds and vines to grow through the fence. This affects the palings and can damage the fence structure. Book our team today to inspect and address any concerns you have with your fence.


Handyman On Time will fix the timber fences on your property to your satisfaction. While we have talked about maintenance and repair we will also install a fence to your design. It can be cheaper to buy your standard timber fence, sometimes you want something specific to serve a definite purpose. This can be to keep an animal in or out of an area or to separate an area from another area. We can knock up something permanent in wood to achieve the effect you want. We have built timber fences around pool pumps and to separate garbage storage areas. Feel free to give us a call for those general construction type tasks.


Working with a local company like Handyman On Time for your fence repair and maintenance needs will be a good experience. Our reputation is everything to us and we will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction. We'll help you make good decisions by providing you reliable advice on what you need. Our team has the tools, knowledge and experience to complete fence repair and maintenance of all types of fences. If your fence is outside of our expertise or we think you will get better value elsewhere, we will let you know. We want you to be comfortable that we're servicing your needs first, above our own. When we do work at your home, we always clean up after ourselves leaving your home in the same clean condition we found it.

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