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professional furniture assembly service
Purchasing new furniture is fun and a great way to update the appearance of a room.
Even if you're renovating a single room or perhaps working on your entire house, we can help you put it together.
Our furniture assembly service in Brisbane is quick and easy with all the right tools.
From IKEA flat packs to office furniture and cubby houses, our team can do it all.
Our team will ensure your furniture looks fantastic within your new or existing room.
Work we do is not only fast and reliable; our hire a handyman team will treat your home like their own.



Flat pack furniture is the easiest to buy and take home but it can be difficult to assemble.
Not everyone can read foreign directions right!
How many times have you opened the pack and spent far too much time with the wrong tools to finish the job.
Whether it’s a small night stand or an entire bunkbed set up, we have the expertise to complete the job. 
We offer carpentry services too, so no matter what you buy, we can can give you the good oil on how to look after it.



Remember cubby houses, kids love them. Want them off their electronics, get them a cubby house. They'll provide hours of entertainment.
Our furniture assembly team are here to help you with the construction of a kick-ass cubby.
Doesn't have to be a flatpack item, lets get the wood and build something. Get the kids involved, build it around a tree you might have in the yard.
It doesn't have to be the Taj Mahal but we can knock up something very cool. What about a custom dog kennel. What an awesome structure we can build with your family.
When we build it, you can be confident it will be sturdy.



Doesn't matter what the size of your furniture project, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done. Our experience will set you in good stead to have a good piece of furniture that looks nice in your home.
When we make an appointment with you, that's the time you can bank on that we'll be there. If something happens outside of our control, you can be sure we'll get in touch to let you know.
Our attention to detail in putting flatpack items together so they are sturdy and secure is on queue. If its heavy, we'll help you move it into place. Contact us today for all your furniture assembly needs.
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